This time of the year again when we all running around and trying to find some gifts for our family, friends, colleagues and all others :) Secret Santa events, family dinners and catch ups with friends involve a lot little gifts. 
If you have many male relatives and friends and you do not want to give them another set of socks and a shower gel as a Christmas present, here are some cool, fun a bit quirky ideas for an unusual gifts.

A portable Bluetooth speaker from Men Kind is an ideal gift for someone who likes listening to the music and likes sharing it with others. This little one is also changing colours, which makes it so especially cool and festive. 

A book is always a good gift they say, but what if it is an unusual book? Then, I believe it should be extra good:) Urban Outfitters is famous by selling interesting books about lifestyle, travelling, life coaching or even something like "Position of the Day" :), which I think could be quite a useful and definitely a fun gift. 

Gin? Someone said Gin? Who would not like to experiment and try their own brewing skills? Homemade Gin Kit could work as a first step in this potential new hobbie :)

Men are big kids and they like toys:) In this case why not to give them an arcade style retro Candy Grabber. Might help to decrease a daily sugar intake, or not:)
Whether someone is interested in photography or not, he would love Lomography Instant Camera. This camera has got three different lenses for different effects and of course it gives you instant printed pictures, which everyone like so much. 

We are planning to post series of articles related to the Christmas Gifts, so if you have any interesting shops, items or even your own products to recommend, please write to us and we might feature them in our next articles.