If you’re in need of a literal fresh slate in your life, a new bedroom might just do the trick! Going for utmost comfort is possible while keeping things pleasing to the eye. So if you’re running ideas on how to redesign your personal space, here are amazing and unique ideas to get you started. 

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Painting galore 
Who’s your favourite painter? Pick his or her masterpiece and use it as your focal point in picking your room’s colour scheme. For instance, if you’re going for Van Gogh’s The Starry Night, use different shades of blue and add accents of yellow. 

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One colour, different shades

If you can’t decide on a painting, pick your favourite colour instead. Work with just one colour and experiment with different shades. You can pick a white backdrop for your room and abundant splashes of your chosen colour. 

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Move to the attic
When you want to go for natural lighting, the highest point of the house may be the best option for you. You’ll get the privacy you need and if you push it, amazing skylights with a glorious view. For a warm and cozy theme, try a country or rustic design. To up the style, put a large painting on the wall or the floor. Simple but comfortable beddings work best to soften the room’s rugged design.
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Think Wes Anderson
Have you seen films The Grand Budapest Hotel and Moonrise Kingdom? You’ll notice the specific design of these visually appealing films by acclaimed director Wes Anderson. Despite the limited colour pallet, the beauty is achieved through visual symmetry. 

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Your dream vacation
What’s the country you wish to visit the most? Get inspiration from a place you’d like to visit. Whether you dream of a romantic Parisian honeymoon or a sunny trip to the Bahamas, you’ll never run out of things to fill your room with souvenirs from the country of your choice. 

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Trip to the beach
Case in point, how about a bright but laid back memory of a day at the beach? Get classy with a minimalist color scheme with bright white, cool ocean blue and warm sandy ochre. Relax with these neutral tones with bursts of blue to remind you of the soothing waters from your last unforgettable vacation. If you have the luxury of a great view of the the sea or a large body of water, install large windows and forget the curtains.

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Nautical with a twist
Who doesn’t love the nautical theme? It’s pretty easy to pull off because of the blues & creams and the striped design. You can switch it up by replacing the deep navy blue colour with orange. This is focusing on the rope aspect of the design, install hanging beds and of course--don’t forget the stripes! 

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Custom furniture
When you’re working with smaller spaces, you would want to get the right furniture to fit in your room. Customised furniture will do wonders for your space, being modified to fit exactly the way you want it to. What’s convenient and practical about these furniture is that you can get ones that serve more than just one purpose. 

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Booklover’s paradise
What do you do that makes you happy? Don’t look far and wide for unique designs when the best one is simply something you love. For example, if you’re a booklover, install shelves around your walls and stack books under your bed. Keep the backdrop a simple colour to bring out the colours of your books. 

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Article by Regina Due


  1. Stunning design. A lot of fresh and good ideas. I'm now doing repairs in the house and even creating an office for my work at MasterGrades. This post actually inspired me. As a college student of design, I have a statement about what I would like to see. But you helped me. Thank you