It’s easy to get caught up in the magic of the winter months, and solely focus on making your home Christmas friendly. However, what we often forget is the cold always continues once Christmas has passed.  That’s right, what about January and February when life hits you in the face with reality again? Surely it’s these months we need to be making special amendments for. So I’d like to share with you a few of my top tips for ensuring your house is cosy on a suitable budget.
I’m always looking for new ways to turn my home into a beautiful sanctuary. After all, me and my husband spend the majority of our time there relaxing. I strongly believe that your surroundings and environment have multiple knock on effects to your mental well-being.

Introduce Memories
Of course, if we could all afford it we’d have multiple unique art prints adorning our walls. For those of us who can’t, I have a better idea.  We’ve all heard of feature walls; designed to add bursts of colour and interest to our home. A cheap and cheerful way to add comfort to your home is by creating a feature wall consisting of treasured memories and family pictures.  The art is your own, and all your loved ones have contributed, naturally putting you at comfort and ease.
Pick yourself up old frames at car boot sales or vintage markets, and if you feel confident enough, take to them with a paintbrush for upkeep purposes. Upcycling bargain purchases is a fantastic way to create totally unique final pieces for your home. To add interest and intrigue whilst browsing whilst keeping in mind your feature picture wall; collect cards. Yes, I mean like birthday cards. There are so many interesting designs to choose from these days, framed who would know any different? And with the added sentimental value, they’ll add some true emotional attachment to your home.

From Living Room To Bedroom
What’s more comforting then a place to sit down? Adding seating to your bedroom creates a lounge-like feel that will leave you tempted to curl into a ball and never leave. This is the kind of comfort I am striving for.  Again, I suggest you scour car boots and vintage markets especially for affordable second hand leather chairs. Look for ones that can easily be brushed down and whipped back into shape without too much effort.
Perhaps you are lucky enough to already have a chair in your lounge, but considered it useless for the longest time? Our family has a wicker chair that has been with us for years. I decided to give it a new lease of life by placing it my bathroom. I have no regrets; it has proven not only very useful but looks great! So before you throw away the old chair, consider giving it some loving and taking it into a new area of your home.

Grey Days
For somebody who is a lover of all things sparkly, bright, and generally very feminine, I’m finding myself so attracted to grey these days. In particular, naturalistic charcoal tones and deep stone greys. If it’s possible for a colour to be popular or ‘trendy’ then grey certainly has taken that title over the last few months. It’s everywhere! By introducing darker/charcoal tones you immediately build an intense sense of cosiness.
To avoid the room becoming too dramatic make sure you include pops of colour and pattern elsewhere. Perhaps this could be your feature photo wall?  Or better yet, throw in some jazzy patterned throws. Throws are a great affordable way to add not only colour but texture also, and of course, something warm and woolly will keep you comfy during colder days.

Let Life Grow
As well as colour and imagery in the home, I’m a strong believer that household plants add an element of positivity and of course, life. To make you feel even better about your purchase why not indulge in one these Danish designed recycled pots.  The pots incorporate gorgeous Danish design using 100% recycled materials. It’s a gift that will keep giving, perfect for a selection of herbs in the kitchen. The environmentally friendly pots will bring a splash of colour and practicality to your everyday home life.

Starting From Scratch
What if you don’t actually have any furniture and you’re starting from scratch? Whether you’re a first time buyer or a landlord, I have a solution. My first rented property I kitted out with rented furniture thanks to professional tenant and landlord furniture packages . These services are incredibly unique and great for property beginners. The service allows you to rent various themes and styles of furniture for your new abode. What makes this option so appealing is the wide variety available from most stockists, usually between 300 and 600 lines of furniture. I really felt this service understood my need for a home to have that personal touch. Buyers have a wide option available from houseware, furniture and soft furnishings, no comfort is lost.

I hope I’ve inspired you to get creative with your winter decorating. May you find warmth and comfort in those long dark evenings. Keep up to date with me and my crazy life over at Help I’m Getting Married.